Dibulitoon Studio SL is an independent production company renowned nationally and internationally which began operating in 1991. It has three lines of business: Animation TV Series and Film production; Animation Feature Film International Sales; and Editorial.


Address: Irurzunzar, 6. 20305 Irun (Basque Country) SPAIN
Phone: +34 636 69 73 56, e-mail: jonelandaluze@dibulitoon.com
Contact Person: Jone Landaluza

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Cora is an autistic girl rejected by everybody, including her own brother, Gorka. One day Cora meets for the first time Bigfoot, the giant from the forest, a being that understands her. He doesn’t judge the girl but enjoys playing with her instead. For the first time in her life, Cora feels “normal” and is happy. Things start going wrong when Bigfoot is endangered by the greed of grown-up people.
Looking for a coproducer.

Productions | Projects | Programmes (in progress)
TERESA AND TIM / ELF ON THE RUN – Animation Feature. 75 minutes Duration. Already sold to China and NA. Rest of the world available.

YOKO – Animation TV Series – First Season completed. Second Season on development.

THE FIRST VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD – Animation Feature Film. On production stage. Will be completed by end 2018. Release theatrically in 2019, during the 500th Anniversary.

Core business: Animation

Other Activities:
- Feature Films